Recently Canada Post has sent out a letter regarding changing rural mailing address to our civic address. (Click here to view Letter)

There seems to be a bit of confusion regarding this letter. To sum it up, Canada Post is moving forward with switching from “Box 28 Site 3 RR 1” to your civic address (9-1-1 Address) “10 Malone Ave”, for instance. It is not yet clear if the city or postal code will change. These changes are happening Canada wide and has been in the works for years, it is in direct response to people asking for a more convenient online shopping experience.

The community mailbox will remain, and nothing will change there, the box you currently use will remain the same.

Canada Post is current only collecting information, and nothing has changed yet.

Wheatland County recently changed the address of most of Cheadle’s houses. The newly assigned address is going to be the mail address you will use in the future. Canada Post will notify you when the change takes place. Canada Post will also forward all your mail from your old address to you new address for 1 year, giving plenty of time to switch over to the new mailing address. It will be very similar to what you would do if you moved.

Concerns regarding your Wheatland County assigned civic address should be brought up directly to the county, our Councillor is Tom Ikert. Concerns on the Canada Post side can be brought up to Wendy Bauer.

This does create a issue for the Community Club and Lions which have only the Cheadle Hall as a civic address but do have separate mailing addresses. Having talked with the Lions, we believe sharing 1 box will be a viable option.

What do you think of these changes? Let us know by commenting. (Completely Anonymous posting is allowed)



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